[FFmpeg-devel] [Patch 3/5]Fix h264 on POWER LE: libavcodec/ppc/h264chroma_template.c

rongyan rongyan236 at foxmail.com
Thu Nov 27 07:38:40 CET 2014

We present 5 patches to fix h264 bugs for POWER8 little endian, which are sent in 5 seperate emails.
This is the third, to fix the functions PREFIX_h264_chroma_mc8_altivec(), PREFIX_no_rnd_vc1_chroma_mc8_altivec(), CHROMA_MC8_ALTIVEC_CORE_SIMPLE(),  CHROMA_MC8_ALTIVEC_CORE(), add marcos GET_VSRC1(), GET_VSRC().    
 The fate test result after merge these 5 patches can be found on website by searching "ibmcrl", also attached in the below to facilitate the review. The passed test cases change from  2017/2243 to 2209/2245.
 Rong Yan

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