[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg-developer request for consulting

Shmulik Yoffe shmulik at wscouting.com
Wed Sep 3 14:57:50 CEST 2014

Hello All


My name is Shmulik Yoffe, CTO at WSC Sports Technologies, a startup company
specialized in new-media application for sport broadcasters.


We are looking for a consultant for a small  specific problem we are facing.


In our solution, we require to be able to split hls streams between specific
points. We want to do that without re-encoding as much as possible.

Our solution takes the ts files of the stream between to required points,
split them between key-frames, re-encode only the beginning from the exact
required point until the closest key-frame, and copy the rest of the stream.

Then, we join the two parts into the final mp4 file.


The input stream is not encoded by us. So, we don't know ahead what
parameters are used for the stream.

Of-course, the encoded part should match exactly the parameters of the


We are using ffmpeg for all cutting, joining and re-encoding.

We are using mediainfo, and windows media foundation in our workflow to get
specific information regarding the source stream.


Our current solution now produce a video file that can be played without
problems on most platform, including vlc, windows media player, and also can
be used without problem on media platform - youtube, facebook, Brightcove.


Still, the output video file cannot be played perfectly on android devices.

We suspect that our encoding parameters are not copy all the values from the
source exactly.


Through the consuling phase, we woud like to:
1) The consultant will check our current solution, including all the
work-flow with different tools.

2) Fix/Change the workflow, so our output file will be as impeccable as
possible, and be played on all mentioned platform above and also on android
an ios.


For contact me by e-mail for additional info.

shmulik at wscouting.com <mailto:shmulik at wscouting.com> 


Shmulik Yoffe, CTO

WSC Sports Technologies



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