[FFmpeg-devel] Questions on adding a FATE test for the HLS muxer

Raento Mika mika.raento at elisa.fi
Thu Sep 18 20:05:38 CEST 2014


As suggested by Michael, I'm trying to add a FATE test for the new
single_file option to the HLS muxer.

I have something working, but I'm not sure what's the best way to do this.
The wiki page is not very complete.

The HLS muxer produces a number of .ts files (well, one for the
single_file case) and a m3u8 file. The m3u8 is output several times during
the muxing.

The existing tests I found all use a single output, passing '-' as the
output filename to ffmpeg. Doing this generates a file that looks like

<ts contents for first segment><first m3u8 contents><ts contents for
second segment><second m3u8 contents>...

checking this against a reference file will indeed verify the whole
output, but is not very readable. Should I do this? And if so, how do I
add a new reference file to FATE.

The new fate .mak I have looks like

fate-hls-byterange: CMD = ffmpeg -i $(SAMPLES)aac/al04_44.mp4 -f hls
-hls_flags single_file -c copy -
fate-hls-byterange: REF = $(SAMPLES)hls/byterange

Does the config list look reasonable? I have a hard time verifying that
it's exhaustive without trying out a lot of different ./configure flags.



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