[FFmpeg-devel] in preparation of changing the internal form of decoded text subtitles

Clément Bœsch u at pkh.me
Sat Sep 20 22:27:40 CEST 2014

Just a patchset to ease the transition to a sane internal form for the decoded
text subtitles.

[PATCH 01/17] avcodec/jacosubdec: add some memory checks
[PATCH 02/17] avcodec/microdvddec: add some memory checks
[PATCH 03/17] avcodec/movtextdec: add some memory checks
[PATCH 04/17] avcodec/mpl2dec: add some memory checks
[PATCH 05/17] avcodec/samidec: add some memory checks
[PATCH 06/17] avcodec/realtextdec: add some memory checks
[PATCH 07/17] avcodec/srtdec: add some memory checks
[PATCH 08/17] avcodec/subviewerdec: add some memory checks
[PATCH 09/17] avcodec/textdec: add some memory checks
[PATCH 10/17] avcodec/webvttdec: add some memory checks

These are just a bunch of memory checks around ff_ass_add_rect() because I'm
going to replace it by another function which will also require mem checks, so
I'd better get it down now.

[PATCH 11/17] avformat/assenc: mux all extradata at once

[PATCH 12/17] avformat/assdec: output ASS packets

This one has been mostly reviewed already

[PATCH 13/17] avformat/assdec: make sure "Comments:" events end up in

This one follow the previous one: anything not "Dialogue:" doesn't get lost

[PATCH 14/17] avformat/assdec: reindent after previous commit
[PATCH 15/17] avformat/assdec: add myself to Copyright
[PATCH 16/17] avformat/assenc: mux an event header if none are found
[PATCH 17/17] avformat/assenc: return correct error code

Random trivial patches

Note: I'll apply all of this in the next 3 days because I need to move on.

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