[FFmpeg-devel] Regression problem

JULIAN GARDNER joolzg at btinternet.com
Tue Sep 23 10:27:57 CEST 2014

I seem to be having problems using the ff_load_image routine, with a git pulled build from the beginning of the week, which used to work but is now giving me "failed to decode image file", and this is on a png that has been in use for over a year,

The code is is based on VSRC_TESTSRC with an addition call to this code

static int load_image(uint8_t **image_data, int *w, int *h, int *stride,
                     const char *filename, void *log_ctx)
    int ret;
    enum AVPixelFormat pix_fmt;
    uint8_t *src_data[4], *dst_data[4];
    int src_linesize[4], dst_linesize[4];

    av_log( NULL, AV_LOG_WARNING, "load_image %s\n", filename);

    /* load image from file */
    if ((ret = ff_load_image(src_data, src_linesize, w, h, &pix_fmt, filename, log_ctx)) < 0)
        return ret;

    if ((ret = ff_scale_image(dst_data, dst_linesize, *w, *h, PIXEL_FORMAT,
                              src_data, src_linesize, *w, *h, pix_fmt,
                              log_ctx)) < 0)
        goto end;

    *stride = dst_linesize[0];

    /* copy image_data to a newly allocated array */
    *image_data = av_malloc(*stride * *h);
    if (!*image_data)
        ret = AVERROR(ENOMEM);
    av_image_copy_plane(*image_data, *stride, dst_data[0], dst_linesize[0], *w*4, *h);

    return ret;

This used to work but now as I have said give the error message about not being able to decode

There is nothing in the log, even with  as "-loglevel debug"

load_image /home/encoder/images/Logo640x360.png
[AVIOContext @ 0x7fdcf8002580] Statistics: 3713 bytes read, 0 seeks
[libx264 @ 0x2c63320] frame= 322 QP=12.00 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:144 I:15   P:524  SKIP:381  size=14355 bytes
[Parsed_osd_0 @ 0x2c3b200] Failed to decode image from file
[Parsed_osd_0 @ 0x2c3b200] Error loading image file '/home/encoder/images/Logo640x360.png'

That is all thats in the log with regard to this problem, 3173 is the correct length

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