[FFmpeg-devel] Does FFplay support HEVC interlaced bitstream display?

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 13:12:13 CET 2015

Fan Yingming wrote:
> Hi, everyone.
> I noticed that HEVC support interlaced field encoding, but FFplay
> didn't support HEVC interlaced bitstream display.
> We know FFplay play h264 interlaced bitstream perfectly.
> I'd like to know if FFplay support HEVC interlaced bitstream
> display. And will FFmpeg support that?

I don't think so.

It is possible to play hevc interlaced with ffmpeg via mpv but you'll
have to set up your own filter chain and possibly adjust for field order.

I've done it on a homemade (libx265) test. libx265 only takes a certain
field order and expects fields, plus interlaced support is (was) flagged
as experimental. It did seem to work though, it was a while ago so this
is just a paste from notes on the playback side - basically you need to
weave the fields that the decoder outputs as weaved frames is what other
decoders output.

mpv -fs --vf=lavfi=[tinterlace=merge,setsar=1/1,yadif=1] hevc-interl-5M.mkv

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