[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v2] avcodec/nvenc: Include NVENC SDK header

Philip Langdale philipl at overt.org
Sat Dec 12 13:44:56 CET 2015

On 2015-12-12 20:33, Nicolas George wrote:
> Le duodi 22 frimaire, an CCXXIV, Philip Langdale a écrit :
>> it would be highly illogical to conclude that section 6/7 do not apply 
>> to
>> the original code itself and that we need to construct a separate 
>> entity
>> that does the combination for it to be licence compliant.
> It would be fairly illogical to conclude that any clause in the 
> license,
> either GPL or LGPL, requires us to worry about the specifics of a file 
> we do
> not know anything about since it resides on the user's system.
> We only have to worry about the files that were used to build the 
> binary.

I actually completely agree with you, but I'm trying to make an 
argument. :-)

The source code that goes into the ffmpeg build is 100% (L)GPL 
including the MIT licensed nvEncodeAPI.h. No one doubts that. This code
will dlopen nvenc.so (and the windows equivalent) on the system where it
is run. We do not know if that file exists or what licence that file
is under. It could be the nvidia binary, it could be some hypothetical
GPL reimplementation of the interface or it could rm -rf your 

So, to me, and to you, it seems clear that the combination with 
code cannot happen any earlier than when the library is actually 


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