[FFmpeg-devel] RTP Hole Punching from SDP file

Joel Loeshelle jml5qh at virginia.edu
Mon Dec 21 14:45:34 CET 2015

I am trying to stream from a local SDP file that contains the information
necessary for streaming from an IP camera on a separate network. The IP
camera is behind a NAT router so I first need to send dummy packets to set
up the connection. I see that libavformat/rtpdec.h contains a method
“ff_rtp_send_punch_packets” to do this, but it is only utilized when
playing from an RTSP stream and not from an SDP file.

It seems like the best place for this is at the end of sdp_read_header in
libavformat/rtsp.c after we open up the RTP streams. However, I’m not
really familiar with this code so I wanted to get your feedback on this
before submitting a patch. I see that there is a condition when doing this
in RTSP streaming to exclude Windows Media Server streams above 1.
Does this apply for SDP as well?


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