[FFmpeg-devel] phasing out asyntcs, resample

Rostislav Pehlivanov atomnuker at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 11:49:15 CET 2015

On Mon, 2015-12-21 at 14:32 -0800, Ganesh Ajjanagadde wrote:
> Hi,
> While hunting through configure for some easy to remove filter
> dependencies, I came across asyncts which depends on avresample. So I
> started some work to port it over to swresample, and get rid of this
> unnecessary dependency.
> But then I saw the docs:
> https://www.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#asyncts which effectively
> claims that aresample subsumes it. What I don't understand is the
> following:
> 1. swresample dates to 2012, and was utilized for aresample around
> then. If aresample indeed subsumes asyncts, why not mark asyncts
> deprecated, issue a warning telling users to switch to aresample, and
> phase it out after some time. If it is indeed obsolete, it is useless
> maintainence burden (with even some recent activity that is wasted
> energy).
> 2. The craziness of having 3 filters for essentially the same task:
> aresample, resample, asyncts. Seems like resample is the avresample
> equivalent of the swresample based aresample. Same remark above
> applies to resample.
> This is a request for resolution on this topic.

Yes, I agree with you. It's not a problem that they are a maintenence
burden (as if someone actively maintains them) but rather that they
overlap in use and some are missing features. I'd rather have a single
filter which has more options and does its job well than having 3 of
them. Same with libavresample.

Also, I think that it's better to just send a patch which removes them
instead of only warning and then let the discussion go on there.

Just because there are sillier things out there in the code (e.g.
prores) doesn't mean that this should get a free pass until that is
sorted out.

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