[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 0/5] x86: hevc_mc: some simd for x86_32

Christophe Gisquet christophe.gisquet at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 19:49:35 CET 2015

The first 3 patches try to reduce GPR usage, while the fourth one
reduces the xmm count. It's strange that this count was modified but
not set to lower: I may be missing something here.

The last one then uses them to have some MC SIMD for x86_32.

That last patch is maybe not so worth it, as that's 1-4% runtime
improvement for something far from realtime decoding.

Christophe Gisquet (5):
  x86: hevc_mc: fewer gpr autoloads for _v filters
  x86: hevc_mc: remove lea in EPEL_LOAD
  x86: hevc_mc: save 1 gpr in epel filter loading
  x86: hevc_mc: fewer xmm regs used in epel h/v
  x86: hevc_mc: put_pixels and 1d epel for x86_32

 libavcodec/x86/hevc_mc.asm    | 137 ++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 libavcodec/x86/hevcdsp.h      |   4 +-
 libavcodec/x86/hevcdsp_init.c |  53 ++++++++++------
 3 files changed, 114 insertions(+), 80 deletions(-)


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