[FFmpeg-devel] libavutil: optimize camellia cipher

supraja reddy supraja0493 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 17:01:24 CET 2015


> +    AV_WB64(y,KE);
> > +
> KE=SP[0][y[0]]^SP[1][y[1]]^SP[2][y[2]]^SP[3][y[3]]^SP[4][y[4]]^SP[5][y[5]]^SP[6][y[6]]^SP[7][y[7]];
> > +    return KE;
> have you tried it without the y[] array ?
> storing and loading from memory may (or may not) be slower

I have tried without y[] array. And there seems to be some improvement in
the time.

lavu       CAMELLIA     size: 1048576  runs:   1024  time:   21.549 +- 0.176

I have attached a patch with the respective changes. Would you want me to
convert the F() into a macro ?

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