[FFmpeg-devel] 答复: [PATCH] IOS-IPv6-only-network-use-hardcode-IPv4-fix

liu jc jcliu at outlook.com
Wed Aug 24 10:15:29 EEST 2016

It is not a ios hack,  It compatible with any system that in accordance with the POSIX standards. The second parameter of function getaddrinfo  can accept the port name or a service name. If you give a service name to it it will translate it to a  standard port number.

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主题: Re: [FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] IOS-IPv6-only-network-use-hardcode-IPv4-fix

On Wed, 24 Aug 2016 01:03:00 +0000
liu jc <jcliu at outlook.com> wrote:

>  there is a bug when useing getaddrinfo in IOS when use

if this is an IOS hack, it should be ifdef'd?

also i thought we had a policy against putting os bugfixes in our
codebase? although i dislike this policy...

> -    snprintf(portstr, sizeof(portstr), "%d", port);
> +
> +       switch (port) {
> +        case 80:
> +            snprintf(portstr, sizeof(portstr), "%s", "http");
> +            break;
> +        case 1935:
> +            snprintf(portstr, sizeof(portstr), "%s",
> "macromedia-fcs"); //know as rtmp
> +            break;
> +        default:
> +            snprintf(portstr, sizeof(portstr), "%d", port);
> +            break;

so only 80, 1935 ? rtmp uses some other ports too. 443 etc.

i am not against patch, i hope there is a way to fix this.

do we have any apple contacts to report this bug?
is it possible to use a different getaddrinfo on ios?

thanks for patch.

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