[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] lavf/img2enc: mention -vframes in error output

Lou Logan lou at lrcd.com
Tue Jul 12 00:31:08 EEST 2016

On Mon, 11 Jul 2016 21:08:40 +0000 (UTC), Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:

> Lou Logan <lou <at> lrcd.com> writes:
> > or use -vframes 1 to output single image)\n",  
> Since this is a muxer and -vframes is an ffmpeg option, 
> I am not convinced this is a good solution.
> Note that -vsync vfr also "fixes" ticket #5701.

I know this is not a muxer specific option, but I thought it would
still be useful to general users, because, according to what I have
observed, most seem to get that message doing the same as #5701;
resulting in confusion and an assumption that there is a bug

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