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Hi mentors

Forwarding as it says "please forward this e-mail to any mentors from your org new to Outreachy this round and encourage them to participate."

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Subject: Re: [Outreachy Announce] Outreachy: help spread the word and Twitter chats

Dear Outreachy community,

The #OutreachyChat times are upon us! Chats will take place tomorrow (March 1) at 4pm UTC / 11am EST and at 2am UTC (March 2) / 9pm EST (March 1). I'll be tweeting from @outreachy account and will pose the questions below with an interval of 5-10 minutes between questions. As you can see, they are prefaced with Q1, Q2, and so on, and correspondingly, you will need to reply with A1, A2, and so on in your answers. You will also need to use the hashtag #OutreachyChat in all your tweets related to the chat. Prospective applicants will be encouraged to ask follow-up questions, so you might find yourself in further discussions with them. The following questions are planned for the chat:

Q1: Please introduce yourself. Are you a mentor? Alum? Applicant? What project are you working on or looking into? #OutreachyChat
Q2: For mentors, tell us about your org's work, its structure, size? What is it like to participate in your community? #OutreachyChat
Q3: For alums, what did you gain as the result of Outreachy internship? #OutreachyChat
Q4: For mentors, what is the project you are mentoring? What skills does one need to have for it? What will they learn? #OutreachyChat
Q5: For alums, what is your advice for prospective applicants? #OutreachyChat
Q6: For mentors, what does an applicant need to do to make the first contribution to your project? #OutreachyChat

Please feel free to make suggestions for further improving these questions or adding new ones.

Because the goal of having two chats is to have them at two different times so that more people can participate, the same questions will used in both chats and if you are able to participate in both chats, you should provide (approximately) the same answers. 

Coordinators, please respond to questions addressed to mentors in the chat - after all, you are mentors too :). Also, please forward this e-mail to any mentors from your org new to Outreachy this round and encourage them to participate.

Looking forward to the chats tomorrow!


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Subject: Outreachy: help spread the word and Twitter chats

Dear Outreachy community,

We have opened applications for the new round of the program and would love your help spreading the word. Please send the information to your university department or community group, share it on social networks, or encourage someone you know to apply. We have a sample e-mail and sample social network updates you can use available at https://wiki.gnome.org/Outreachy/2016/MayAugust/SpreadTheWord

Please join us for Twitter chats with #OutreachyChat hashtag at 4pm UTC on March 1 (11am EST) or at 2am UTC on March 2 (9pm EST on March 1). The goal of the chats is to increase the visibility of this opportunity and individual project ideas, and to encourage more people to apply. We will ask mentors to introduce their organizations and project ideas and past interns to share their advice and experience. Closer to the chat date, I will share with you the questions we'll have.

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