[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 0/2] New versioning (was: version.sh: Always use latest tag for generated version number)

Timothy Gu timothygu99 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 02:50:48 CET 2016

This patch set implements the versioning algorithm I recently proposed.
The first patch addresses an already existing problem with version.sh.
The second is the one actually implementing the change.

To Michael and all release makers: after this patchset when making a
release in a release branch, please do ALL of the following in the
following order.

2. git add VERSION
3. Update doc/Doxyfile and Changelog
4. git commit -a -m "Update for $(cat VERSION)"
5. git tag -a -m "Release $(cat VERSION)"
6. Edit RELEASE to make it contain next version
7. git rm VERSION
8. git commit -a -m "Next release is $(cat RELEASE)"

The differences to before is that, first, rather than updating RELEASE
right before a release, it must be updated after the release is made;
second, VERSION must be checked in at the tag, and removed immediately
after the release is made.

When a release branch is cut, do the following

1. Remove "-master" in RELEASE
2. git commit -a -m "Next release is $(cat RELEASE)"

Timothy Gu (2):
  version.sh: Fix Git directory
  version.sh: Add next release to the version

 RELEASE    |  2 +-
 version.sh | 54 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------
 2 files changed, 35 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)


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