[FFmpeg-devel] Subtitles for GSoC

Gerion Entrup gerion.entrup.ffdev at flump.de
Tue Mar 8 18:21:12 CET 2016


my own ideas seems not to be suitable for GSoC, so I looked again on the ideas page,
because I have high interest to do something for FFmpeg this summer.

The project, that I find most interesting, unfortunately is a unmentored one, the subtitle
support. Is someone willing to mentor this?

On the ideas page the mentioned subtitle for the qualification task is Spruce subtitle. It
seems, it is already supported, so I would try to implement the corepart of usf. I know
it is not widely used, but very powerful with similar features as SSA, if I get it right. Do you
think, that is suitable?

And then another question. You mentioned as ultimate goal the libavfilter integration.
If I get it right, ATM no rendering is implemented, and libavfilter would allow an (automatic)
rendering from SSA to e.g. dvdsub. Would the rendering itself part of the project (because
this is very extensive, I think)?


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