[FFmpeg-devel] Can't see a mp4 converted video on internet

Martín Capón Borrego volar.2016 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 9 18:36:27 CET 2016

I use ffmpeg in my asp.net pages
I do
        Dim strfichero As String

        Dim mh As New MediaHandler

        strfichero = Mid(fichero, InStrRev(fichero, "\") + 1)

        mh.FFMPEGPath = Server.MapPath("Comun/Ffmpeg/ffmpeg.exe")

        mh.InputPath = Left(fichero, Len(fichero) - Len(strfichero) - 1)

        mh.OutputPath = Server.MapPath("Temporal")

        mh.BackgroundProcessing = True

        mh.FileName = strfichero

        mh.OutputFileName = Left(strfichero, Len(strfichero) - 4)

        mh.OutputExtension = ".mp4"

        'mh.VCodec = "libx264"



        mh.Width = 640

        mh.Height = 380

        mh.Video_Bitrate = 800

        'mh.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100

        'mh.Audio_Bitrate = 128

to convert the video to mp4. It is ok. But when I try to see it on internet, I can't.
You can see it here:
https://www.cresolia.com, click on ads, naturaleza en la playa, see
Maybe it is a matter od bitrate, códec.
When I doubl click the video directly I can see it.
Can u help me , please?


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