[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] doc/developer.texi: Add a code of conduct

Thilo Borgmann thilo.borgmann at mail.de
Sat Mar 26 21:28:08 CET 2016

Am 26.03.16 um 15:00 schrieb Josh de Kock:
> On 26/03/2016 13:28, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>> + at section Code of conduct
>> +
>> +Respect other people, treat others the way you yourself want to be treated.
> The Code of Conduct is simple, and is based around a few key points:

No ',', I think, just plain "and".

> *insert goal of project here*
> Be friendly & respectful.

... and ...

> This is the most simple point; treat others the way you would like to be
> treated.

... point: Treat others...

>> +Be tolerant to differences in oppinion, people often have different priorities
>> +and may see a problem from a different viewpoint.
>> +Do not assume mallice for things that can be attributed to incompetence. Even if
>> +it is mallice its rarely good to start with that as initial assumtation.

> Be considerate.
> Not everyone has the viewpoint as you; different opinions, and
> interpretations help the project, as looking at issues from a different
> angle can assist development.

Be considerate. Not everyone shares the same viewpoint as you do.
Different opinions and interpretations help the project.
Looking at issues from a different perspective assists development.

>> +Act friendly towards others and about 3rd parties.

Act friendly towards others and third parties.

>> +Be friendly when someone once has a bad day or is angry and acts unfriendly.
>> +Everyone has a bad day once in a while.

Stay friendly even if someone acts contrarily. Everyone has a bad day
once in a while.

>> +If you yourself have a bad day or are angry then try to take a break and reply
>> +once you are calm and without anger if you have to.

If it is you who misbehaved in such a way, try to take a break and
continue to reply once you are in a good mood again.

>> +Help other teammembers if you can instead of trying to personally gain from not helping.

Try to help other team members and cooperate if you can.

>> +The goal of Software development is to create technical excellence, not for any
>> +individual to be better and "win" against the others. Large software projects
>> +are only possible and successfull through teamwork.
> This is open source, it's for the common good.

This is open source and it is for the common good.

> Remember that there are others who try to benefit from the project, and
> in different ways. Some want to use it, some want to contribute to it,
> but the main thing is that we all have a goal--to help each other. 

Remember that there are other who try to benefit from the project in
different ways. There are users and contributors but everyone shares our
common goal of helping each other.

> If you see someone struggling with something, rather than putting them
> down, why not help them? Give them some pointers, or show them in the
> right direction.

If someone struggles do not put them down. Give them a helping hand
instead and point them in the right direction.

>> +Or maybe all that can be condensed into Bill and Teds words
> However, all these point can easily be summarised using Bill & Ted's
> words: "Be excellent to each other."

Finally, ... "Be excellent to each other."

I think I might have made it a little better. However, I'm far from
being a native speaker.


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