[FFmpeg-devel] Configure with --cpu=host and Clang

yukari yakumo yukariin at yandex.ru
Sat Mar 26 22:04:08 CET 2016

Oh, seems like upstream already have this patch...
Well, clang doesn't have -mcpu at all, there -march only, just for gcc compatibility.

26.03.2016, 23:37, "Reimar Döffinger" <reimar.doeffinger at gmx.de>:
> On 26.03.2016, at 13:10, yukari yakumo <yukariin at yandex.ru> wrote:
>>  Hi everyone!
>>  I'm Gentoo Linux user and currently I play with Clang as default compiler.
>>  And currently I tried to build ffmpeg 2.8.6 with Clang 3.9.0 and `-march=native` in C(XX)FLAGS (ffmpeg-2.8.6.ebuild automatically convert this to `--cpu=host` configure flag).
>>  But I get `--cpu=host not supported with compiler clang` error on configure phase. It's seems like output of clang test compilation different from GCC's output.
>>  I make a little patch that you can find in attachment to fix this issue. This is very similar to GCC's check_native method.
> Is there a need for all that?
> It's used for gcc because the gcc developers decided to randomly use -march and -mcpu with no sense or system.
> If -march=native always does the right thing for clang, just testing if it is accepted should be enough?
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