[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 57/57] support for matrox m703 mpeg-2

Piotr Bandurski ami_stuff at o2.pl
Tue May 3 11:54:32 CEST 2016


> as long as we are throwing out questions.
> the m70x stuff is similar to m10x . and uses same binary codec:
> VIDC.M101=mvcVfw.dll VFW M101 Matrox Uncompressed SD 
> VIDC.m102=mvcVfwHD.dll Matrox Uncompressed HD
> VIDC.m103=mvcVfwYUVA.dll Matrox Uncompressed SD + Alpha
> VIDC.m104=mvcVfwYUVAHD.dll Matrox Uncompressed HD + Alpha
> VIDC.M301=mvcVfwRefAVI.dll
> any chance for more samples ? you rock at samples!

I already uploaded M101-104 samples IIRC (see for example ticket #2611 and some more samples in the mpeg-2 alpha ticket).

M301 installs here only as decoder "Matrox EZ-MXF AVI (playback only)"


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