[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH]configure: Fix decklink license dependency

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Apr 3 15:14:31 EEST 2017

Le quartidi 14 germinal, an CCXXV, Ricardo Constantino a écrit :
> I was talking about the headers, which is the only part that matters to
> FFmpeg.

I do not know the specifics, so just for references:

The license that matter is the license of ALL the files that are needed
at build time.

> The SDK probably isn't redistributable due to EULA, sure, but if all
> relevant files specifically contain Boost license don't they override
> the EULA?

No. You promised something (not to distribute the files) and got
something in exchange (the SDK).

If the license were a copyleft license, then the people who are setting
the EULA would be violating that copyleft. But that would be an issue
between them and the copyright holders of the copylefted files, you are
not allowed to judge that by yourself. And this particular license does
not looks like copyleft to me.


  Nicolas George
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