[FFmpeg-devel] Patch for CUDA Scale Filter

Yogender Gupta ygupta at nvidia.com
Mon Apr 17 13:43:11 EEST 2017

>> Having to run a .bat file prior to building isn't really nice, and not something I and some other people on IRC would like to see in ffmpeg.

>> Instead, it would be nice if configure/make would learn how to handle .cu files, converting them straight to an object-file.
>> My idea for this would be to teach the Makefiles about .cu files, and using a shell script as their compiler.
>> That script can then call nvcc and include the ptx2c functionality, and additionally also calls the designated C compiler, so for the build system it converts .cu to .o.

I wanted to fix the Makefiles but find it pretty complicated. Are there any pointers that could be useful as a start point.


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