[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Reviewing merges

wm4 nfxjfg at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 24 18:46:52 EEST 2017

On Sun, 23 Apr 2017 20:50:38 -0700
Aaron Levinson <alevinsn at aracnet.com> wrote:

> properly review some of the ported changes on ffmpeg-devel.  For 
> example, I submitted a patch to fix a bug with QuickSync interlaced 
> video to ffmpeg-devel on 4/13/2017.  The change mostly reverted some of 
> the QSV code in ffmpeg back to an earlier state.  Interlaced video QSV 
> encoding used to work in ffmpeg, but this was broken in October 2016 as 
> a result of a merge with libav.  However, I was asked to submit the 
> patch to libav instead because QSV development is more active on 
> libav-devel.  I did that, and the patch finally made it into libav 

The problem is actually that QSV started out in Libav, but then was
modified a bunch of times (and in a bad way) in FFmpeg, without
upstreaming the change to Libav. It didn't help that (in this case,
apparently) the FFmpeg changes were subpar, and the author of them was
often unavailable to provide help or fixes in time.

Of course this won't stop _certain_ people from claiming that the
regression you mentioned is Libav's fault, or the fault of the people
merging the changes.

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