[FFmpeg-devel] [rfc] coc violation tribunal

Aaron Levinson alevinsn at aracnet.com
Tue Apr 25 03:26:34 EEST 2017

On 4/24/2017 5:05 PM, Compn wrote:
> as a few developers have wondered...
> how is our project to judge, report and punish coc violations?
> since we had a vote to approve of the COC, we will probably need
> another vote to approve of the COC rules.
> do you want group consensus?
> how big of a group? whos in the group?
> who wants to do a bunch of crapwork telling devs to be nice in the
> sandbox and stop throwing sand at each other or they'll get a timeout?
> do you want irc/ml admins to handle it? e.g. lou and me set moderation
> flags on developers and delete mails that are not development related?
> who judges the judges?
> what if we scare off devs who get frustrated that the COC was not fully
> fairly applied to everyone? e.g. one dev gets moderated while another
> skates ? thats where the strife gains momentum.
> thoughts?

I think it would be best to set this aside for now.  I think the reason 
things flared up again is nothing was ever resolved the last time around 
("Re: [FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 1/2] opus_pvq: add resynth support and band 
encoding cost function"), and instead, it just sort of died down.  There 
was such animosity displayed on that thread from specific individuals 
towards other specific individuals.  No one benefits from that, least of 
all the people writing it or the people being targeted.  I know what it 
is like to be in an environment in which co-workers basically hate each 
other, and it isn't pleasant, and I think it is reasonable to consider 
other people on this e-mail list as sort of co-workers.

Perhaps what would be helpful would be to get these individuals together 
on a private IRC channel with someone who perhaps knows both of them to 
neutrally moderate and have them air their differences and ideally come 
to some sort of resolution and move forward.  Its one thing to fire off 
an e-mail--its another to say things to someone's "face", so to speak.

I'd also suggest, when passions are up, to step aside and then maybe 
come back to it later.

Aaron Levinson

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