[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] doc/filters: document the unstability of the shorthand options notation.

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Tue Aug 8 16:54:28 EEST 2017

Le primidi 21 thermidor, an CCXXV, Michael Niedermayer a écrit :
> Iam a bit puzzled that you really seem not to see what damage this
> would do.

I am a lot puzzled that you really imagine it would do such damage.

> All scripts, all applications using libavfilter must be changed to
> use the named arguments if the shorthand is not stable.
> all examples will need to be changed too or the examples would show
> syntax that is non stable.
> Examples do not target scripts or end users specifically so we may
> end up with duplication and extra complexity.
> If you dislike C language lawyerng over undefined behavior, this is
> exactly the same but worse.
> If we say it may be unstable even if its very very unlikely everyone
> who takes stability serious will change their code, tutorials, docs
> and examples.
> This will also add alot of confusion to teh end user as suddenly
> the consistent use of shorthand is replaced by some documents and
> tutorials using the shorthand in accordance of it being ok-ish and
> some take the strict approuch and remove all shorthand use.
> Extra explanations to clarify "why" added, cause the user to waste more
> time to learn about "why"

This is all in a day's work for anybody upgrading any kind of program.
People switching to later versions of Firefox or LibreOffice have a
harder time than that.

> The whole would add a reason to avoid libavfilter and use an
> alternative

Nonsense, the syntax with named options is stable.

Your ability to imagine what would annoy users and cause damage is
obviously not much better than mine, which is worthless. It is not
surprising, neither of us is a normal user. Then let us stop speculating
and let us listen to what actual users have said on the matter about the
issue on this very mailing-list, please.


  Nicolas George

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