[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] opus_pvq_search: Restore the proper use of conditional define and simplify the function name suffix handling

Ivan Kalvachev ikalvachev at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 18:10:51 EEST 2017

Using named define properly documents the code paths.
It also avoids passing additional numbered arguments through
multiple levels of macro templates.

The suffix handling is done by concatenation, like in
other asm functions and avoid having two separate
"cglobal" defines.

I have to point few things out.

commit f386dd70acdc81d42d6bcb885d2889634cdf45b7
"opus_pvq_search: only use rsqrtps approximation on CPUs with avx"
was rushed hack job:

1. It broke compilation with yasm.
2. Its subject says the opposite of what the patch does.
3. The changes were numerous and intrusive, obfuscating code,
while the same result could have been achieved
with a single new line.

I did request revert of this commit on irc and in ffmpeg-cvs-log mail,
I did request a patch to be sent to ffmpeg-dev-eng, to discuss the
best way to make the change.

I did oppose the follow up commit 3c99523a2864af729a8576c3fffe81fb884fa0d5,
that tried to fix the compilation, by redoing the intrusive changes once again,
and making new changes that affect the C code too. (Thus making revert
a lot more messy.)

I find it extremely offensive that I as author of the code and FFmpeg developer
was totally ignored, without providing any technical reasons and with
something that sums up to "I like my code more".

This breaks good faith, COC and the written rules.

I'm not going to request punishment, reverts, public lynching...
I don't want drama.

I'm sending this patch to make the code as
I think it should have been done from the start and
I do ask you to push it without further bikeshedding.

That would be enough of an apology.
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