[FFmpeg-devel] Switching of automatically detected libraries [v2]

Clément Bœsch u at pkh.me
Wed Aug 30 15:08:59 EEST 2017

This patchset includes the following changes from previously:

- The combination of --disable-autodetect and --enable-<xxx> with <xxx>
  an automatically detected library now works
- Linking against libc's iconv is now supported with
  --disable-autodetect (issue raised by Nicolas)
- SDL detection should be fixed (issue raised by Michael), along with
  a bunch of related cleanups
- ALSA, Jack and sndio are now included in the autodetection code (they
  are already autodetected, but now --disable-autodetect disable those
  as well), along with a few cleanups

"libpthread" vs "pthread" is still not handled, but that's not blocking
for this patchset. Actually, I'd rather have it pushed before messing
around with something sensible like pthread.

Thanks to people who review the previous patchset and tested it. If
someone wants to test without messing with patches, the changes are
available on github/ubitux/FFmpeg#autodetect.


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