[FFmpeg-devel] mov: support for multiple edits and cenc decryption

Eran Kornblau eran.kornblau at kaltura.com
Thu Jan 12 19:23:17 EET 2017

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> I agree . #4 makes the most sense.
Patch attached.

A couple of notes about the implementation:
1. I added functions for updating MOVStreamContext::current_sample - inc / dec / set, all changes
to this field are done using these functions.
In addition to applying the change to current_sample, these functions keep track of the frame index
in a new field called current_index.
2. mov_fix_index initializes a new array 'index_ranges' with the start/end values of each edit.
The array is null terminated (end = 0).
3. A new field called auxiliary_info_index keeps track of the index of the frame whose auxiliary info
matches auxiliary_info_pos - these 2 fields are always updated together.
4. In cenc_filter, if the auxiliary info index does not match the current frame index, the auxiliary info 
position is recalculated, using the code that was added previously for supporting seek.



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