[FFmpeg-devel] possible to create a new ffmpeg-xcam plugin in video filters

Wind Yuan feng.yuan at linux.intel.com
Sun Jan 22 11:20:51 EET 2017

On 1/22/2017 4:28 PM, Steven Liu wrote:
> 2017-01-22 16:17 GMT+08:00 Wind Yuan <feng.yuan at linux.intel.com>:
>> Hi there,
>>     I'm planning to implement a new video filter xcam-filter in ffmpeg.
>> It's from libXCam(https://github.com/01org/libxcam/wiki) which is a
>> project opensourced in 2015 and focusing on image/video quality improvement
>> and video analysis with HW acceleration, especially on GPU.
>>     ffmpeg xcam-filter may have following features which were already
>> enabled in libXCam. We have customers who want use ffmpeg HW codec and
>> libXCam HW filter work together in their cases.
>> 1. Wavelet based bayes shrink Noise Reduciton,
>> 2. 3D Noise Reduction,
>> 3. Wide Dynamic Range,
>> 4. Defog/Dehaze
>> 5. Digital Video Stabilization
>> and more.
> I think it's a good idea.

>> My questions are
>> 1. Does ffmpeg have interests on the above features?
>> 2. Can ffmpeg accept this new video filter fmpeg-xcam?
>> 3. libXCam is in C++ language, any ffmpeg plugins with C++ implementation
>> OR have to convert to standard C interface?
> Perhaps alway use C is better, make the code style unify
Sure, we can have C interface export.

Wind Yuan

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