[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 1/5] movenc: use correct tag list for AVOutputFormat.codec_tag

Derek Buitenhuis derek.buitenhuis at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 18:58:25 EEST 2017

On 7/4/2017 4:52 PM, James Almer wrote:
> According to mp4ra.org, DTS core should have a dtsc codec tag. The rest
> are for the extensions. A quick test changing mp4a to dtsc on top of
> your patchset resulted in a wildly different output file, among other
> reasons because the esds box isn't written (it expects an mp4a tag).
> The DTS in ISOMF spec doesn't seem to be publicly available after a
> quick search, so IMO just push this as is, which will retain the current
> behavior, at least until we're sure how it should be done.

I guess 'unchanged output' is as good of a result as any, for now...

- Derek

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