[FFmpeg-devel] Filter with external image manupilation?

Evert Vorster evorster at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 11:41:49 EEST 2017

Hi there, developers on this list.

Is it possible to pause decoding and encoding of a file with a script?

What we are trying to achieve is to extract all the frames from an input
file, but pause the process after each frame is extracted.

During the pause between the frames, we want to manipulate the extracted
frame. This is done with other tools in a script. The manipulations is with
a hugin template, Panotool's nona and enblend, so it's a little outside of
what ffmpeg filters can do. (I think?)

Once the manipulation is complete, we would then to also encode this frame
into a new output file, also with flow control.

The ultimate aim of this is to avoid eating many gigabytes of disk space by
completely expanding a input video into lossless frames.

I have perused the manuals and googled quite a bit, but could not find a
straightforward flow control in ffmpeg. For the curious, more information
on https://github.com/ultramango/gear360pano

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,
Evert Vorster
Isometrix Acquistion Superchief

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