[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avcodec/nvenc: Add default value for AVCodecContext::refs

Ganapathy Raman Kasi gkasi at nvidia.com
Fri Jun 2 04:06:59 EEST 2017

>> Is this supposed to fix the issue with -bf >0? 
We are working on another patch which will fix hw accelerated transcode (with -hwaccel cuvid) for bf > 0 and will send out for review soon. Thanks


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Am 01.06.2017 um 09:58 schrieb Srinath K R:> AVCodecContext::refs is
used to control the DPB size to be used by the
> encoder. The default value for AVCodecContext::refs as set in
> libavcodec/options_table.h is 1.
> This patch sets AVCodecContext::refs to 0 for h264_nvenc and hevc_nvenc in
> order to let the driver take the decision of the correct DPB size to
use in
> all cases.
> Signed-off-by: Srinath K R <skr at nvidia.com>

applied locally, will push with my next batch of patches.

Is this supposed to fix the issue with -bf >0?
For me, even with this applied, I still get the same old error:
[h264_nvenc @ 0x257c400] EncodePicture failed!: no encode device (1)

Using nvidia-drivers 381.22

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