[FFmpeg-devel] ABI break between 3.0 and 3.3 without symvers/SONAME changes

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at inai.de
Sat Jun 3 15:19:25 EEST 2017

On Saturday 2017-06-03 14:11, wm4 wrote:
>> The layout of struct AVCodec changed. Four function pointers were 
>> inserted in the middle, shifting void (*flush) to a new address. The 
>> size of AVCodec also changed, which would have required a full MAJOR 
>> bump.
>Those aren't even public fields.

Fair enough, seems documented after more looking around.

>Anyway, in general, I recommend not pretending that FFmpeg has ABI
>compatibility. Especially not across major releases

That would be fine with me - could ffmpeg then ensure that the
major is in fact bumped on major releases? In distro context,
a bump is easier to swallow than a non-bump..

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