[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavformat/aviobuf.c: don't treat 0 from read_packet as EOF

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Jun 5 20:02:37 EEST 2017

Le sextidi 16 prairial, an CCXXV, Daniel Kučera a écrit :
> Ok, I see only suggestions and ideas here. If you have any exact
> request for change in my patch, let me know.

I am not your foreman or anything like that, it is not my place to order
you around.

What I can tell you is that patches need to be good to be applied, and a
patch that makes the code more complex when it could make it simpler
cannot be considered good. Of course "when it could make it simpler" is
only speculation, but if somebody objects based on it, you will need to
convince them otherwise, and for that you will probably need to have
tried doing it that way.

Furthermore, patches that make the code simpler are more likely to get
quick reviews and eventually approval, because simpler code is also
easier to review.

And finally, I can tell you that a patch that breaks receiving empty
packets for packet protocols cannot be accepted.

> Btw, I suggest to include all these changes in one patch so there
> won't be any single commit, which would be broken.

And I strongly advise otherwise. The changes to make protocols return
AVERROR_EOF instead of 0 are good and necessary all by themselves,
individually and without the framework changes to catch the 0 return
values. I am pretty confident that they do not break anything.


  Nicolas George
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