[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v3] avfilter/vf_fps: fix duration

Thomas Mundt tmundt75 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 22:11:10 EEST 2017

2017-06-15 20:00 GMT+02:00 Nicolas George <george at nsup.org>:

> Le quintidi 25 prairial, an CCXXV, Thomas Mundt a écrit :
> > Patch attached. This fixes ticket #2674. I inserted a FIXME message as a
> > reminder.
> > Please comment.
> I am sorry to say I do not like it. The timestamp computation code in
> vf_fps is already quite complex, and this patch is making it more
> complex, introducing frames_in_proc which should not be needed just to
> fix the last timestamp, and obviously the EOF handling duplicates the
> filter_frame() logic.
> Hmm, before rewriting and sending this patch I asked if it would have a
chance to be pushed just to fix the ticket which is open for a very long
time. Your answer gave me the assumtion that you´re okay with it.
I thought your only concern was the not allowed use of pkt_duration.

> I think the way forward for this filter is to rewrite the core logic
> using the activate() design. It should be much simpler since the
> framework already handles a FIFO. If you are interested in it, you
> probably will need to rebase push this series:
> https://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel/2017-April/209678.html
> and use the attached patch.
> Well, my problem is that I´m not deep enough in ffmpeg programming to
understand the interrelations of timestamp handling and unfortunately I
don´t have the time to figure it out.
Working with patches that I don´t fully understand doesn´t make any sense.
My intention was a fix within the filter to close the ticket. Just to
bridge the time until a proper fix is made.


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