[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add wayland support for VAAPI

Hardening rdp.effort at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 15:13:56 EEST 2017

Le 27/06/2017 à 09:54, Mark Thompson a écrit :
> On 27/06/17 07:38, David Fort wrote:
>> Wayland environment became quite popular with gnome 3. This patch adds the ability to
>> initialize the VAAPI accelerator from a wayland display.
> Is there some specific use-case which needs this?  The X11 support mainly exists because of old systems (*cough* Intel Media SDK *cough*) which don't support render nodes, and therefore have to connect to a DRM master device - if X11 is running then it has to use the DRI2 authentication ritual to do that.
> Anything recent should be connecting via the render node, which allows it to be used independently of any other system and has clear control over what hardware you are using on systems with multiple possibilities.


my final goal is to have a h264 video rendered directly in a surface
(using ffmpeg as a library). If render nodes surfaces can be displayed
on the screen then I'm fine with it and forget about that patch.

I did some tests and I had the impression that when the rendering was
done with a DRI render node, it was slower than when the VADisplay was
grabbeb from wayland (F25 with gnome3). But it may be just an impression
or a test bias.

Best regards.

David FORT
website: http://www.hardening-consulting.com/

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