[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 1/2] libx264: remove the "x264opts" AVOption

Lou Logan lou at lrcd.com
Tue Mar 7 21:08:59 EET 2017

On Tue, 7 Mar 2017 04:24:23 +0100, Michael Niedermayer wrote:

> its a long time ago but i faintly remember that the option you are
> about to remove worked while the one remaining had bugs

Can you provide a reproducible case? I will try as well.

> also this would break scripts

I've never liked this argument. Scripts could have been broken when
we removed libfaac, libstagefright, libquvi, etc but I don't recall any
users complaining. Scripts can be fixed: we shouldn't be beholden to
alleged, random, moldy, old "scripts" in the ether, otherwise we'll
never clean up anything. If users want to write-it-and-forget-it they
can just use a release branch.

There is much inertia facing attempts to tidy up the code, and I
believe the strong expectation of encountering this often prevents
people from even trying.

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