[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 2/3] lavc: add a framework to fix alignment problems.

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sat May 6 21:10:08 EEST 2017

Le septidi 17 floréal, an CCXXV, Ronald S. Bultje a écrit :
> I agree it's likely that one codec (e.g. h264) would need 32-byte alignment
> on a particular system (e.g. x86/haswell), whereas another codec on the
> same system (e.g. wmavoice) might not.
> However, I find it unlikely that one codec *instance* would need different
> alignment from another codec *instance* (for the same codec). The above
> allows seems specifically designed for that. Do you think adding alignment
> to AVCodec would make more sense (and possibly set it at runtime using
> static_init)?

I think Marton's mail gives a reasonable example.

As for me, I do not know exactly what is needed, this is one of the
reason I did not want to draft the proposal myself. This way seemed more
future-proof, but it can be discussed. Also, I thought our AVCodec
structure were const, so putting the field there would have been
incompatible with run-time CPU detection, but apparently I was wrong.
Still, I do not think codecs are supposed to modify it.


  Nicolas George
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