[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] lavfi/avfiltergraph: only return EOF in avfilter_graph_request_oldest if all sinks EOFed

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sun May 7 16:15:01 EEST 2017

Le septidi 17 floréal, an CCXXV, Marton Balint a écrit :
> Fixes a regression introduced in 32c59a115d3cc757676b5384a5ea44b5a7a7b872,
> becoming effective in 912969a33e313c57c906e87a7e2367b78a2160f4.
> Fixes trimmed output of
> ffmpeg -f lavfi -i "sine=d=0.01" -f lavfi -i "sine=d=1" -filter_complex "[0:a]anull[a1];[1:a]anull[a2]" -map "[a1]" -f null none -map "[a2]" -f framecrc -
> ---
>  libavfilter/avfiltergraph.c | 9 ++++++---
>  1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

LGTM, thanks for finding that.

Out of curiosity, how did you arrive to a graph with buffersc and
buffersink connected directly?


  Nicolas George
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