[FFmpeg-devel] Is this a bug? Or should it be developed? I want to be a ffmpeg developer.

Sinan Aksu sinanksu at gmail.com
Wed May 17 12:33:37 EEST 2017


Most people who want to record rtmp with ffmpeg encounter the problem of
validating the swf file. I do not know why, but can not verify ffmpeg while
rtmpdump can verify a swf file. Unfortunately, ffmpeg size incorrectly
calculates hash values. Unfortunately, there are no ffmpeg commands
necessary to set it manually. But these values can be entered manually by
rtmpdump and the problem is solved.

I do not want help. I do not mean to do this. I do this and I want to

Now I am a software developer. I want to develop ffmpeg. I would like to
join you.

For FFmpeg, I want to edit the size and hash values so that they can be
entered manually. Which files should I edit in the source code?


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