[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH V3] lavc/vaapi_encode_h264: Enable MB rate control.

Jun Zhao mypopydev at gmail.com
Fri May 19 02:43:24 EEST 2017

On 2017/5/14 12:26, Jun Zhao wrote:
> V3: - Fix build error with old VAAPI version.
> V2: - Refine the name/value type to mb_rate_control/bool.
>     - Only supported GEN9+ (SKL/APL/KBL/...)
>     - i965 driver default use frame-level rate control algorithm (generate the QP for each frame), 
>       when enable mb_rate_control, it's will enable the MB-level RC algorithm (generate the QP for each MB). 
>     - enables MB-level bitrate control that generally improves subjective visual quality, 
>       but have negative impact on performance and objective visual quality metric. 

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