[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] udp: ignore UDP packets without payload

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sun May 28 22:20:12 EEST 2017

Le sextidi 6 prairial, an CCXXV, Daniel Kučera a écrit :
> If we return 0, then it is considered as EOF by calling functions
> (e.g. avio_read). So returning 0 means: "this is end of stream" and
> not: "we received zero length packet, but more data may be coming" and
> thus the stream processing ends. I need to fix this behavior, example
> errors are described here:
> https://blog.danman.eu/new-version-of-lenkeng-hdmi-over-ip-extender-lkv373a/#comment-478

Sorry for the delay, I was busy.

FFmpeg inherits the inconsistency of the Unix API it imitates: 0
sometimes means EOF, but not always.

But unlike Unix, FFmpeg has a code for explicit EOF, so it does not have
to be inconsistent.

But the correct way of making it consistent is to use AVERROR_EOF
always, and never give a special role to 0. Your patch is going the
opposite direction, and as such wrong. The right way is to find the
places that use 0 as EOF and fix them.

As is, this patch would make something that is currently possible with
the API (implementing protocols that rely on empty packets) impossible,
and that cannot be accepted.


  Nicolas George
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