[FFmpeg-devel] Freelancer wanted to work on ffmpeg integration

Daniel Walz daniel at filmstro.com
Tue May 30 13:30:06 EEST 2017

Dear fellow developers,

For the integration of FFMPEG reading and writing video files we are
looking for a freelance worker.
The objectives are to create video files that play on the standard
players. We want to make as many formats/codecs as possible available
to our users, but will focus on the most used first, like mp4, AVI,

We have already a POC and made it available as open source on github:

Currently decoding and displaying works well for mp4 (H.264). But
there are situations, when the flow is interrupted, especially with
other formats.
Writing back is also implemented, however, the files are only readable
by VLC, but not in OSX preview etc. Here is probably a better
understanding of which codecs to use in what containers needed.

The workflow, where this will be needed is:
- reading from an existing video file, saving frames and audio into FIFO buffers
- mixing the audio with user generated music
- writing a new video file with the new audio and the original frames

Later it should also be possible to work on the video frames
(e.g. to add brandings/watermarks, create transitions from different
video clips)

If you are interested to work on that project, please get in touch with me:

daniel at filmstro.com

Please also write your usual daily rate and some references like
projects you worked on, github contributions or similar...

We are looking forward to hear from you.


Daniel Walz | Software Developer

Filmstro | Music that Moves.

www.filmstro.com | twitter/filmstro | vimeo/filmstro

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