[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavformat: LibreSSL (libtls) support

Stefan _ sfan5 at live.de
Sat Nov 4 17:11:18 EET 2017

Attached patch adds support for LibreSSL. Instead of trying to implement 
support into the existing tls_openssl.c using lots of #ifdefs (which was 
rejected previously(?)) this adds a new TLS backend making use of the 
new libtls library.

Things to note:

- Haven't looked at LibreSSL's license closely, I assume that it has the 
same GPL licensing incompatibility as a derivative of OpenSSL (requires 
--enable-nonfree if --enable-gpl is used)

- ffrtmpcrypt support is not implemented since the bignum functions are 
not part of libtls itself

- Not sure why anyone would use libtls without pkg-config but supporting 
it probably doesn't hurt

I have tested all features (client mode, listen mode, cert/hostname 
verification) on both Alpine and Arch Linux.

Before michaelni asks again: Yes, the absence of my real name in git is 

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