[FFmpeg-devel] On in-tree external headers

Jorge Ramirez jorge.ramirez-ortiz at linaro.org
Mon Nov 6 10:13:03 EET 2017

On 11/05/2017 11:12 PM, Jan Ekstrom wrote:
>> I also feel like whatever this rule would look like, it's already practiced
>> that way. There isn't really a way not do decide this on a case by case
>> basis. Luckily it's not something that comes up every other day.
>> If someone would submit random third party library headers to compat/ for no
>> apparent reason other than comfort, it would certainly be rejected.
> Yes, the rule most certainly would contain something along the lines
> of "...this is something that should be considered on a case-by-case
> basis with a reasoning being mentioned and considered..."


also what about adding the justification to some sort of readme in the 
include path (compat/cude/README.tx, compat/avisynth/README.txt and so 
on) ; just to others trying to figure out when it is acceptable to 
include external headers have explicit guidelines.

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