[FFmpeg-devel] Support for h264/SVC over RTP and SVC base layer decoding in h264

Breeden, Joshua JBREED05 at harris.com
Mon Nov 6 19:52:59 EET 2017

> can you add a fate test for this ?

I took a look around the existing tests to see how the existing extradata parsing is being tested, but didn't find anything. Is there something existing that I'm not seeing? If not, could you provide a little more guidance on how you'd like this tested? Since the modification uses an existing function without modification, I'd prefer to avoid reinventing the wheel if possible.

> (i assume a test for rtp would be hard but if not, that would be
 welcome too)

Yes, without RTP SVC packetization, which this patch does not provide, this would be quite difficult to accomplish.

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