[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add android_capture indev

Daniel Kučera daniel.kucera at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 20:51:53 EET 2017

2017-11-07 18:47 GMT+01:00 Felix Matouschek <felix at matouschek.org>:
>> Am 07.11.2017 um 16:17 schrieb Daniel Kučera <daniel.kucera at gmail.com>:
>> It's used like here:
>> https://github.com/danielkucera/ZidoStreamer/blob/master/app/src/main/java/eu/danman/zidostreamer/zidostreamer/StreamService.java#L62
>> If I open standard streaming or camera app, no camera is listed.
> Note that your application uses the Camera Java API, this indev uses the Camera2 NDK API.

You are probably right. My device has Android 4.4.2 only without any
hope for update so it won't work anyway.


S pozdravom / Best regards
Daniel Kucera.

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