[FFmpeg-devel] Must I subscribe to ffmpeg-devel in order to submit a patch?

Jim DeLaHunt from.ffmpeg-dev at jdlh.com
Wed Nov 8 11:08:23 EET 2017

Lou, Thilo, Nicolas:

Thank you for the replies.

I'm subscribed to ffmpeg-devel now. I'll be back with documentation 
patches (one FAQ, one about submitting patches and subscribing to the 
ffmpeg-devel list) once I have a chance to clone the repo and see how 
building the docs works.

Your replies have done a good job of sketching out what an improvement 
to the docs on submitting patches and subscribing to the ffmpeg-devel 
list might say.

On 2017-11-05 12:37, Nicolas George wrote:
> The comments on your patch will be posted to the mailing-list. You need
> to read them.

On 2017-11-05 15:18, Nicolas George wrote:
> Thanks for pointing it out, Jim. We'd appreciate it and welcome you to propose a patch for updating the corresponding docs.
> Fact is, that it is in most cases of the author's best interest do participate in a following review and therefore subscription to the mailing list is highly recommended for that purpose like Nicolas pointed out.
> However, if it really is in the authors intention, it is better to post a possible patch without caring about its future instead of not to post that patch at all. I think it should already be documented that it is appreciated but not necessary to use a real name for contributing.

On 2017-11-06 15:13, Lou Logan wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sat, 4 Nov 2017 21:52:28 -0700
> Jim DeLaHunt <from.ffmpeg at jdlh.com> wrote:
>> Hello, ffmpeg developers:
>> I'm gearing up to submit a patch, adding an FAQ to the documentation.
>> According to <http://ffmpeg.org/developer.html#Submitting-patches>,
>> "Patches should be posted to the ffmpeg-devel
>> <https://lists.ffmpeg.org/mailman/listinfo/ffmpeg-devel> mailing list."
>> But neither that section, nor the ffmpeg-devel list information at
>> <https://lists.ffmpeg.org/mailman/listinfo/ffmpeg-devel> is clear about
>> whether one must be subscribed to the list in order to post to it.
> No, you do not need to be subscribed to any mailing list to send a
> message or a patch.
> However:
> * You will not directly receive replies unless you ask to be CCd (and
>    replying users will occasionally forget to do so).
> * Your messages will remain in the moderation queue until a mailing
>    list admin manually approves it which usually occurs once or twice a
>    day but sometimes longer.
> Although it is not necessary to do so it is recommended to subscribe
> when submitting patches for these reasons. The volume of messages may be
> considered to be high, but filtering the messages by List-Id is
> effective in filtering them to a dedicated location. You can always
> unsubscribe or disable receiving messages once your patch has been
> accepted.
> If you still do not want to subscribe you can always view messages and
> reply via the archives:
> <https://ffmpeg.org/mailing-list-faq.html#How-do-I-reply-to-a-message-in-the-archives_003f>
> Speaking of which, I CCd you but others who have replied may not have
> so see the archives for their replies:
> <https://lists.ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel/2017-November/219198.html>
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