[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v3] lavu: add an AV_FRAME_DATA_GAMMA side data type

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Thu Nov 9 00:15:08 EET 2017

L'octidi 18 brumaire, an CCXXVI, Hendrik Leppkes a écrit :
> Gamma might sound useful of a property to have, but there is no actual
> technical evidence to really support that. As said in an earlier mail,
> we've gone for years without it and no-one missed it, and even now its
> only being added for one decoder, and even there its apparently only

We went for years with a channel count and no channel layout too.

> used for obscure files ("joke images", as the author called it).

This would be an argument to not include it at all.

> I actually think that the separation into "core" data and "side" data
> helps clarity. The AVFrame contains fields that most people should
> probably look at, so they can read the struct and figure out what
> fields may need handling. If that list includes all sorts of
> properties with marginal value and rare/special usage, its easy to get
> "lost" in there.

The same result can be achieved with a doxy group and corresponding

Note: I maintain my veto as long as Paul maintains his, as a matter of
principle. But feel free to eventually push and disregard them, showing
that the vetoes were worthless in the first place and that Paul's was
just an intimidation tactic to close the discussion. It would make a
good precedent.


  Nicolas George
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