[FFmpeg-devel] [FFmpeg-cvslog] aacenc: support extended channel layouts using PCEs

Kv Pham pkv.stream at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 11:37:15 EET 2017

Le 9 nov. 2017 10:12 AM, "Nicolas George" <george at nsup.org> a écrit :

Le nonidi 19 brumaire, an CCXXVI, Rostislav Pehlivanov a écrit :
> ffmpeg | branch: master | Rostislav Pehlivanov <atomnuker at gmail.com> |
Mon Oct  3 19:53:11 2016 +0100| [fbf295e2bd4d48d7a0a094ed5afce2fa5b6cf35a]
| committer: Rostislav Pehlivanov
> aacenc: support extended channel layouts using PCEs
> This commit implements support for PCE (Program Configuration Elements)
in the
> AAC encoder, and as such allows for encoding of channel layouts not
> in the presets defined by the spec (which only lists the 8 most common
> This has been a highly requested feature and is also the first open
source encoder
> to support this many layouts.
> Many thanks to pkviet <pkv.stream at gmail.com> who implemented support for
> verified all channel layouts.

This broke fate-aac-yoraw-encode.

stddev:  160.76 PSNR: 52.21 MAXDIFF: 3105 bytes:   576972/   577536
stddev: |160.76 - 259| >= 17


  Nicolas George

Thanks a lot.
That's probably related to the fixes that I pointed out in my last message
on the thread.
I'll run fate later today on my aacdev branch on github
github.com/pkviet/FFmpeg to check that this fixes the issues.
(amusant de croiser un autre archicube; moi, s92. Les échanges sont parfois
vraiment musclés ici, il ne faut pas être susceptible ! :) )

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